Archbishop Steven's mentorship has been invaluable to ministry that has gained royal attention

Church on the Street Ministries in Burnley hit the headlines during covid and quickly gained support from thousands of people who were touched by the incredible story of Michael Fleming, a hardened criminal whose life was changed by a powerful encounter with God. Michael now runs Church on the Street and helps to bring transformation to the most vulnerable and forgotten people in society by showing them the love of God and meeting their spiritual and practical needs.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Church on the Street in Burnley and were really impressed with the work the ministry was doing, to show their support Prince William wrote the foreword for Michael’s autobiography Blow Away: From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer. The book has had tremendous success and is an Amazon number 1 seller.

In it Michael explains how important the role of TICCN has been in the formation of his own ministry, Church on the Street, and how Archbishop Steven’s mentorship has been invaluable over the years.

Click on the video below to watch Archbishop Steven and Michael talking together about how they first met.